New data shows Google Chrome increases market share

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It’s not a secret that Google Chrome is the most used browser on the desktop, but new figures published by NetMarketShare for September shows that the gap between this app and its rivals is increasing every month.

Google Chrome jumped from 65.21 percent share in August to 66.28 percent last month, once again showing that users don’t really care about the other apps in the browser market.

Somewhat surprising is that this difference is getting bigger despite others pushing hard for their apps. Microsoft, for example, has often been accused of becoming too aggressive in its attempt to convince Windows 10 users to stick with Edge.

Some of its tactics involved ads displayed on the desktop, and Microsoft even considered opening links in the default Mail app in Edge browser regardless of users’ configuration.

Nothing worked, however, and instead it seems that this push has rather backfired. Microsoft Edge dropped last month from 4.30 percent market share to 4.08 percent.

Firefox also recorded a small drop

Mozilla Firefox is the runner-up with 9.62 percent, while Internet Explorer, which no longer receives new features, but only security updates, dropped to 8.29 percent.

Microsoft will deliver a new set of updates to Edge with the release of the October 2018 Update this month. However, OS feature updates have rarely generated a substantial boost in terms of market share for Windows 10, and as a result, Microsoft Edge is unlikely to benefit from this release.

The Redmond-based tech giant also continues to improve the mobile version of Microsoft Edge, but only on Android and iOS. The browser is also offered to Windows 10 Mobile users, but given the current state of the platform, no other features are being developed.

Microsoft Edge is thus evolving on all fronts, but for the time being, this is yet to contribute to growing market share.

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