Where’s the Surface Phone? everyone seems to wonder

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It’s not a secret that Windows Phone had a super-loyal user base, and this can be still seen these days, despite Microsoft already confirming the demise of the mobile platform.

Living proof in this regard is a recent Microsoft tweet that included just a single character and which somehow ended up becoming the right place for everyone to request a Surface Phone.

Microsoft tweeted earlier today a thumbs up emoji to highlight an article called “Microsoft now has the best device lineup in the industry.” After the Surface announcements earlier this week, and which included the Surface Pro 6, the Surface Laptop 2, and the Surface Headphones, seeing Microsoft doing that isn’t surprising at all.

But Microsoft bragging about “the best device lineup” has quickly turned into a call for many Windows Phone fans to call for the company to launch a Surface Phone.

“One more device, and this affirmation gonna be true with a Surface Phone,” Twitter user @Dest_Ren replied to Microsoft shortly after the one-character tweet went live.

Enter Andromeda

Surface Phone has long been a device that diehard Windows Phone fans expected to save the platform, and according to rumors that made the rounds several times in the last few years, it was under development and then pushed back by Microsoft repeatedly.

While the software giant is believed to have abandoned the idea of launching a phone, the Surface Phone may eventually see daylight as an evolved device called Andromeda. This new project would rely on a dual-screen design and also boast phone calling capabilities, though it goes without saying that it wouldn’t be a smartphone per se.

For the time being, however, what all these tweets show is that users continue to believe in a future where Microsoft invests in mobile, and not just by focusing on apps and services. A Microsoft smartphone is for many people a dream come true, and all these users don’t miss any occasion to make themselves heard.

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