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Kaspersky Secure Connection: VPN service icon Kaspersky Secure Connection is a VPN service from Kaspersky that aims to provide users with a secure connection to the Internet.

One of the ways to remain anonymous on the Internet is to use a VPN service for your traffic, and Kaspersky Secure Connection is the application to use for this purpose. This means that all the data that’s sent through the VPN is encrypted, making much more difficult to trace.

With the help of Kaspersky Secure Connection, users should have a much safer time using public Wi-Fi services, and to keep their conversations private. It’s also a good method to access resources that are geographically locked, such as videos on YouTube, for example.

Users have to keep in mind that Kaspersky Secure Connection is not a free application and that they will need the premium version to get full protection promised, which includes unlimited traffic usage and up to five protected devices.

  For more information on downloading Kaspersky Secure Connection: VPN service to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • Connect to the Internet securely
  • Use public Wi-Fi in complete safety
  • Remain anonymous online

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