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DScaler icon Automatically calibrates video capture cards for optimal brightness, contrast and color

Video production is a field that requires a bit of knowledge, not to mention a set of highly specialized utilities in order to create high quality output. There are many imposing solutions which pack heaps of features and tools, but, sometimes, as the saying goes, less means more.

One of the lightweight applications that are especially designed for video optimization and calibration is DScaler. It is a program less complicated than a fully fledged editing suite, but still quite a bit more than a less experienced users can handle.

With a practical GUI and many useful functions under the hood, DScaler can handle a lot of tasks. It all starts with acquiring the video from a source like a DVD, VCR or gaming console.

The app supports digital as well as analogue input, which it can deinterlace and allow you to re-scale it to any desired resolution, for use with a variety of devices (computer monitors, projector screens, etc.). DScaler can also find and clear any frame duplication occurred during pulldown processing.

Among the capabilities of this software, it must be mentioned that you can use the program for noise reduction purposes and this is most desirable when dealing with analogue sources. With Dscaler, video capture cards are automatically fine-tuned to the optimal color, contrast and brightness levels.

There are many input filters that can be exploited to obtain the best quality. Among them, you can find colorimetry, gamma, sharpness or color inversion. Insofar as the output is concerned, you have at your disposal a chroma effect that can be added to the processed video.

To sum things up, it's safe to say that with DScaler you get a lot of functions that otherwise would require installing a bloated editing suite. The feature pack is quite solid and allows one to obtain great quality output by improving and adapting for any resolution the video input taken from a variety of sources.

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DScaler was reviewed by Olivian Puha

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