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cats. icon Because cats make everything better, get this extension and bring up a daily cat picture with a single click, thus making your browsing sessions around 87% more enjoyable

The scientific consensus is that any situation can be improved with the simple addition of a cat, whether it’s the real thing, a video or a picture. Following an ancient tradition of not being useful in any way, however, real cats are never around when you actually need them.

If you’re a Chrome user, the cats. extension will solve all your problems. It adds an icon to the browser’s toolbar that can be clicked to open a picture of, you guessed it, a cat. Think of it as a picture calendar, but the best one ever created.

Quickly deploy cats while browsing

You never know when you’re going to need a cat picture while going about your day. Maybe you want to show something cute to a friend, maybe you’re feeling a little down and need a pick-me-up, or maybe you’re just a normal human being and realize there’s never a bad time for a cat.

After installing the extension, a cat paw icon will be added to the Chrome toolbar. Whenever you need a cat, just click the icon and make yourself feel a little bit better about avoiding whatever important task you should be working on.

Literally no downsides

Now, imagine getting up in the morning and firing up Chrome while thinking about how absolutely awful your day is going to be. Then you click the paw icon and realize there’s nothing more important in the world than a cute cat and, what do you know, you have one right there!

If your day is already going great, there’s no reason not to make it even better. Scientists have not yet determined just how happy a person can get, but their research definitely involves cats.

It actually has one downside

I should point out that, from time to time, the extension might display something like a bunny or a dog instead of the cat you were expecting. Everyone loves bunnies, but the fact that dogs are occasionally included is probably the extension’s only downside. So I guess I was lying when I said it had no downsides, but you know, cats!

Aside from the dogs, there’s really no reason for you not to get this extension right now. Unless you don’t use Chrome, in which case there’s really not much you can do with it, but it’s probably the best reason to switch browsers I can come up with.

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cats. was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
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